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(Things to do with a broken leg)
1 hour ago

New Created Video Site, for all who like Sexy Girl in Plaster Cast and Now we have new Design


  • Videos come complete, not crooked
  • Currently more than 800 High Quality Video Clips and growing
  • Many different types of Plaster Casts
  • Special Section to Famous in all kind of cast
  • Many sexy Girls, outdoor, indoor, with and without crutches and wheelchair
  • Reports about Girls in Real Med Casts and details of her stories
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  • New Gallery to images to Red
  • We have special gallery the Videos to amputated and braces women

NEW - BETTER QUALITY - Higher Data capacity !!!

NEW Video - Clip Today we show you:

  • Black SLWC with Sexy black nails
  • Diversão de Gesso! ;P LEG plaster cast
  • Brooke Rayburn broken foot
  • I FRACTURED MY ANKLE!!| LolaBella Mozerella
  • Having fun on crutches!| LolaBella Mozerella
  • instagram girls leg cast by @tjh_cast
  • Girl with broken ankle standing on crutches
  • Things to do with a broken leg
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(Mirandah Video Part 3)
2 hours ago


New: Poor Mirandah has to crutch around because she cracked her knee and fibula on her college campus by misjudging a flight of stairs in the gym. Her luck has taken a turn for the worst as she does the same to her other leg while trying to clean the side of her house. She wakes up in bed unable to crutch around anymore. Will you stick around to see her take of her socks?

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(Beier DHS B)
10 hours ago

    Orientalcastgirls Extended Clips

    The fascinating girls from oriental hemisphere!

  • Cute chinese girls in leg casts and arm casts
  • Enchanting Chinese models show her injured arm and leg
  • Exchange the pics and vids with cast lovers from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

    Previews are available at clips4sale and youtube.
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(Jade Term SLWC/Sling Yvette SLWC)
12 hours ago

**Cast Clips for the Cast & Foot Fetishist -- In Clear Large Format SD AND HIGH DEF**


Stella Term SLWC w/Heel Bar Crutching & Light Foot Play
Stella Term SLWC w/Heel Bar Crutching & Light Foot Play Stella's casted foot hurts so much and is so unbalanced with its heel bar when she wears a flat that she uses a leg cast sling over her shoulder to keep her poor foot propped up when she crutches. But the cast and heel bar are also heavy and annoy her shoulder too so she finds a place to sit we she can take it off, wiggle her cramped exposed toes and massage them as well. Excellent wiggling toes closeups in this well as well as lots of crutching.

Yvette SLWC Aching Cast Foot Trip to the Pharmacy and Foot Play/Toe Massage.
Yvette's casted foot is Achy. It's tough gimping around all day at work in her sexy but unbalanced heeled boot. Her her long toes stick well out of her cast and are alway cold! So she enlists her friend for some help and a little balance support to gimp on down to the pharmacy to get something to relieve the pain and depression. It's before opening time so they wait by a warm radiator which Yvettes sits on and puts her cat foot up to get warm. She shwos off her unbalanced heel to her friend and complains about it. Her friend is sympathetic and massages her long exposed toes for her. Finally, its time to go the pharmacy. But when tehy get there after gimping all this way they find its closed for vacation!



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(new girl Astrid LLC Photoset)
14 hours ago

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14 hours ago

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