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(Thea LLWC Photoset)
4 hours ago

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(Update Cast-Video.com)
5 hours ago

Cast-Video.com :

13. February 2016

- 2 NEW Movies "Believe Me" - with JUNE (Sprain / SLC)

05.February 2016
- NEW model - NEW movie "The Letter" - at WishAmp.com

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CastLinks informs briefly and concisely and places the most important links to our sites

  • Castplanet.com- Latest update : 12. February 2016
    Best Cast Fetish Site - High quality pictures ! , More than 90.000 pix and over 24 hours videoclips, all for one monthly fee.

  • Footmodel.de- Latest update : 12. February 2016
    Sprain - Cast- Bandage - Braces - Feet - Legs, More than 50.000 High-Quality Pictures and over 15 hours of Videos online!

  • Lospac.com - Latest update : 08. February 2016
    Castfetish at its best!
    More than 28.000 High-Quality Pictures and over 5 hours of video-clips online !

  • Cast-Video.com Latest update : 13. February 2016

    More than 1000 High-quality-videoclips (rising continues)! You can buy single-clips and download them directly to your computer.
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  • WishAmp.com Latest update : 05. February 2016
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(Final Sale and Added CNF brand tape)
5 hours ago

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$ Discrete Orthopedic Cast Supplies [Edit]
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(Final Sale and Added CNF brand tape)
5 hours ago

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(NEW STORY -Desiree with LLWC in Budapest)
8 hours ago

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$ Broken Angelz Vidz In HD [Edit]
(Liliana LLWC Suffering with Stink Foot)
10 hours ago

Over 400 Clips of Casted Angelz from one of the Earliest Cast Community Contributors

- Updated with 5-6 new Clips per Month
- Now in 1280X720 HD / 1920X1080 HD for exceptional picture quality!



Liliana LLWC Suffering from Office Stink Foot With Foot Play After a really bad skiing accident Liliana finds herself in a cast for months. Worse yet she's developed real foot stink and no matter what she does the cast emits a strong foot odor. That's bad for her, but worse for her office assistant! The office is really tense because Liliana knows she has this embarrassing problem and while her assistant never says anything she's constantly grimacing, covering her nose and making faces clearly noticing Liliana's stink foot. It's very embarrassing and humiliating to Liliana but she says nothing either. However, she purposely keeps her stinky cast foot up on the desk to relieve it, right in her assistants face, and she has a fan to clear the air but its behind her and blows her foot stink in the direction of her assistant across the desk! Worse yet perturbed Liliana has made it part of her assistant's job each day to rub scented cream onto her naked foot and between her toes towards and to be sure she gets out any residual toe jam that would cause more smell. It's a tough job but someone has to do it! Lot's of great closeups and foot play in this one!

Before 2009 we converted original 720X480 .MPG's and reduced them to 360X240 .WMVs of lower quality before posting to C4S because of storage limitations. I found these original larger size better quality files while archiving old DVD's. I will be reposting them at REDUCED PRICES along with original content. This Posting:

NEW!- Amy Black SLC Interview/Cast Talk, Modeling and Removal
NEW!- Amy Pink Term SLC Interview/Cast Talk
NEW!- Amy Pink SLC Application, Crutching, Footplay, and Removal



** We think all CC listings should be a uniform size... We asked... many times... nobody seemed to be listening so we supersized too :-(
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(New 3M Reston and Crutches)
11 hours ago

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The Castroom [Edit]
(Viele neue Bilder & Webfinds)
12 hours ago
Das unabhngige, werbefreie Forum

Mehr als 100.000 Bilder

Eigener Chat-Raum "CastRoom Lounge"

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  • $ Casted Memories Video Clips [Edit]
    (Lois SLWC Hose On/Hose Off Casted Foot)
    13 hours ago

    **Cast Clips for the Cast & Foot Fetishist -- In Clear Large Format SD AND HIGH DEF**


    Lois SLWC Hose On/Hose Off Casted Foot Meeting Dilemma
    (English) Lois is working over the numbers again in her office for her big presentation and trying not to think about the bulky plaster cast she's been wearing for three weeks, or her five naked toes sticking out of it. Her poor exposed foot's been through a lot these past weeks and she's given up trying to keep her toes clean of the dust and dirt they pick up -- and its pretty apparent! Her neatly dressed, always perfect co-presenter comes in and can't help but notice her naked toes sticking out of her huge cast with a bunch of writing and designs on it. She suggests that for the meeting Lois wear a hose over her cast to be more professional -- really she just wants to cover her dirty toes and the cast writing. But when the hose go on and Lois walks around with them it looks even worse! So her colleague takes a pair of scissors and cuts the hose halfway up Lois's cast leaving the poor girl's casted foot exposed again while she helps her tuck what's left of the hose into the top of the cast so at least the upper half of her leg is covered. Then Lois Gimps off to the meeting, naked toes and all. After the presentation her colleague helps her off with the hose in the kitchen.



    - 5 New 1024X58HD/1920X1080HD Clips Per Month!
    - Our crisp, clear clips are filmed and edited by professional videographers and equipment.
    - Our casts are made by professional hospital technicians.
    - We constantly script new cast and foot fetish stories for our clips
    - Compare the clarity & resolution of our clips, and you'll immediately notice the qualitative difference.

    ** We think all CC listings should be a uniform size... We asked... many times... nobody seemed to be listening so we supersized too :-(
    $ Girls in cast - video section [Edit]
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    (Blondy - Learning to walk in SLWC II.)
    13 hours ago

    Girls in Cast

    Girls in all type of casts

    Blondy the beautiful girl has had an accident so a short leg cast was for her injuries prescribed. Because of her injured leg she had to spend a lot of time at home, but she has got now her walking cast finally. The weather is wonderful today, so the girl has decided to make a short trip in the nearly located park. Follow her in this video...


    $ www.Video3c.com [Edit]
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    (New videos- limited availability!)
    15 hours ago


    Get 100 % unique, original, candid videos in high quality for symbolic price.

    In clips you will see only nice and attractive girls and ladies with

    * casted legs

    * sprains

    * cam walkers

    * braces

    * bandages

    * air casts

    * crutches

    $ Fantacast [Edit]
    (Kes Love's DSS Application)
    16 hours ago


    Kes Love's DSS Application

    Video Now 1080P at Fantacast!

    02/13/16 - In this clip, see pretty much the entire process of making Kes Love's DSS and SLCs along with some amusing banter. I had the cameraman stop filming so he could help me with the final layers of the DSS to make it look good, but it's a long clip.

    02/04/16 - I hope you like Bella because I've done another FC shoot with her. She wanted to do another shoot and I had some extra green leftover from the Kes shoot, so I put her in a green straightjacket. I had a roll of 2" regular green also, so I just added it as a stripe. Here are the pics and there will be a clip.

    01/25/16 - This is more than just a clip. It's a short film! Kes has won a one week spa vacation at an exotic hotel in the middle of nowhere. They assure her she'll be waited on hand and foot. She happlily checks into the hotel, settles in and goes to sleep. The next morning, she finds herself in a DSS. Her phone is missing and everyone she tries to call on the hotel phone assures her that she must remain in the cast. For not cooperating, she is next rewarded with a couple of SLCs and an extended stay. She finally submits and begins to accept her situation. If you love this clip, thank Strace on the message board. He is the mastermind behind this one!

    $ Broken Angelz [Edit]
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    (New Girl Candy LLWC &Sunny Hlf Shoe Sprn)
    21 hours ago

    1550+ Cast Gals / 330,000 pix / 500 clips - FULLY Searchable!

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  • And... 300+ short vid clips on the site including both model and candid med stuff... and MORE added WEEKLY!

  • ===========================================================

    You can Access the regular PIX site by clicking the $ BROKEN ANGELZ link at the top left and the CLIP SITE by clicking WHAT'S NEW link.

    ** We think all CC listings should be a uniform size... We asked... many times... nobody seemed to be listening so we supersized too :-(

    $ Swedishcrutch: Cast & Sprain Girls [Edit]
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    (Midnight Sprain Sock)
    21 hours ago

    The Most Beautiful Casted and Sprained Women To Ever Crutch & Hop on the Net!

    Did we mention they are all SWEDISH???


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    ** We think all CC listings should be a uniform size... We asked... many times... nobody seemed to be listening so we supersized too :-(