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Cast_and_Amputee_Cutouts_and_ES_Mods_2 [Edit]
(New Photos Added)
3 hours ago
This is the second group in a series of groups which are for those who enjoy simulated cast photos, as well as women who are amputees, who enjoy either the old-fashioned paper cut and paste or taping method or by Electronic Surgery which is photos altered by programs such as Photoshop (R) on a computer. Please feel free to contribute but please assign the photo,the credit according to the artist who did the adjusted image if possible. I do permit anyone who can to improve the quality of my images via Photoshop, I reserved a photo-album called "Plasterman's Photos New and Improved". Please do NOT post spam in the messages. Those who post spam or off topic items will be barred from the group! People who like to post regarding trading of images are welcome!
$ Cast Fetish Clips4Sale Store [Edit]
(Hot new CF clips, Amy and Ivy)
4 hours ago

Cast Fetish Clips4Sale Store

CF LLC Clips & Victoria Sept SLWC Clips

Two or three new clips are being added each week through the end of the year. All of my Victoria clips are in the clip store right now. Just added are Ashley's two day SLC and her LLWC clips. Stop by daily to see what new clips are available for instant download. Of course, the best value is a CastFetish.Com membership, but for those of you who like to purchase clips individually, I've got hundreds in the store.

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$ cast4sale [Edit]
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(NEW! Military Cast camouflage)
4 hours ago

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$ College Crutching Cuties (CCC) [Edit]
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(All NEW!!! Delaney's Blue&White LLC!!!!)
5 hours ago

College co-eds crutching, gimping, struggling in leg casts and on crutches. From LLC's to SLC's, cast-shoes to crutches, CCC is better than EVER. Click "what's new" for youtube sample vids! Some awesome new clips updated in New format! Check Out College Crutching Cuties: -Storyline Videos -A balance between REAL med casts/recreational casts -Athletic, pretty girls -Lots of toe closeups -Lots of Crutching
Immobilized Girls [Edit]
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(6 LAFS splint videos)
5 hours ago

Pics of girls in splints, bandages, casts and braces.

Cybercast Place [Edit]
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(Christmas Updates Brazilian + More...)
6 hours ago

CyberCast Place

Hot beautiful and sexy latinas in Gips...

Amazing uploads with photos of gorgeous women, mostly latinas, in real medical casts...
Grab the best free content like pictures of pretty ladies with awesome casts, braces and crutches.
Enjoy it all !!

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Cyber Arm Cast [Edit]
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(Hot Holidays updates)
6 hours ago

A new site of CyberCastPlace.com

Enjoy Sexy, tasty and stunning latinas in cast...
Find stories, free photos, articles, videos and all related to Casts + Lifestyle

Great free resources for casters fans!!!
$ Girls in cast - video section [Edit]
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(Veronika in a hip spica)
7 hours ago

Girls in Cast

Girls in all type of casts

Veronika the beautiful girl has had a serious car accident, so a hip spica cast was for her injuries prescribed. She has got her plaster and she is at home again. But her life is very difficult in this big cast, so she has always to stay at home. Follow a day of Veronika in this big cast in this video...
Attention! The video contains nudity.


Castars [Edit]
(New update !)
7 hours ago
What is Castars ? The most biggest listing of celebrities with injury, crutches, cast, ...
$ http://orientalcastgirls.com [Edit]
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(Yuzhen Sprain SLC and Xuyun Eye Bandag)
8 hours ago


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(new girl Angela SLWC Photoset)
9 hours ago

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$ http://Oriental Cast Girls VIDEO CLIPS [Edit]
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(Xuwan LLC LAK and Dunan SHS LLC)
9 hours ago

    Orientalcastgirls Extended Clips

    The fascinating girls from oriental hemisphere!

  • Cute chinese girls in leg casts and arm casts
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9 hours ago

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$ Gips-Alpin [Edit]
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(Update - 2 sexy plastered girls in bath)
14 hours ago

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(Sexy women in 2 Long arm cast and plaste)
17 hours ago



Sexy girls from all the world, with casts! Visitors can browse the ENTIRE catalog now!
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      I Think It Could Work, Marylin
    • NEW VIDEOS…………………..NEW VIDEOS ………………………NEW VIDEOS………
    • Violência contra a mulher Dual Long Arm cast
    • Plaster Long leg cast LLC in the park with red nails < /li>
    • How to Care for Your Child's Cast short arm cast
    • Castbabes with plaster long leg cast Sexy and perfect form
    • Oh my god The mailman broke my arm!!! painful cast
    • Cast-Video.com - Susan - "No Insurance Card" - Movie
    • Sexy women in 2 Long arm cast and plaster leg cast SLWC
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$ Fantacast [Edit]
(Dawn's Candy Cane DSS)
17 hours ago


Dawn's Candy Cane DSS, 150 Pics, Hot Sample

12/19/14 - Today's update is a brand new model, Dawn! And she's modeling a "candy cane" DSS. I was originally going to give her a black DSS, but at the last minute I decided to do something for the holidays and gave it some red and green stripes. Log in now to check out this huge 150 picture gallery, but stay tuned for some very entertaining and awesome video from this shoot!

12/06/14 - This clip starts with Zoe in bed in a 1.5 HS with a spreader bar. The cast is new and she's sore and not really able to move around. Some time passes and now we find Zoe a few weeks later on the couch. She's gained some signatures on her cast. The person that normally helps her is not answering so she attempts to get to the kitchen on her own and doesn't make it. Finally, her friend comes and helps her back up. Then we see Zoe at the end of her cast term, up and doing things like sweeping the floor and doing dishes. She can walk in it and the cast is very worn and signed. Don't miss this action packed clip!

12/03/14 - In this gallery, even more time has passed and now Zoe's foot is no longer casted, allowing her to walk around on the kitchen floor. In this gallery, she's standing in the kitchen, doing dishes, sweeping the floor and then lays down to pose her cast. Stay tuned for the awesome clip coming up!

11/26/14 - Zoe's hip spica has aged a little bit in this second gallery. It shows a little wear and she's got some signatures. She's also able to move around a little. Check out Zoe doing some poses on the couch in this second gallery.

11/21/14 - It's been a while since we've seen Zoe on this site, but she's back in a big 1.5 HS with a spreader bar. Today's update is the first of three galleries, each from a different point in her "term". In this first gallery, we see that her cast is brand new and she's doing some poses on the bed. Her three galleries will be followed by a nice long clip, so stay tuned!

11/14/14 - It's now towards the end of Victoria's 8 week term and her cast is ready to come off. She talks to the camera about how she gets around as she scoots along the floor in her home. Now in a bathing suit, Victoria heads outside to catch some rays and talk to the camera about her experience.

$ Broken Angelz [Edit]
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(Britney LLC)
22 hours ago


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One of the oldest cast sites from one of the earliest contributing members of the casting community (1997), updated 3 times a week with new material AND CLIPS!


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  • ===========================================================

    You can Access the regular PIX site by clicking the $ BROKEN ANGELZ link at the top left and the CLIP SITE by clicking WHAT'S NEW link.

    ** We think all CC listings should be a uniform size... We asked... many times... nobody seemed to be listening so we supersized too :-(