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$ Casted Memories Video Clips [Edit]
(Lucia SLWC Sexy Crutch Gimp in Public)
6 hours ago

**Cast Clips for the Cast & Foot Fetishist -- In Clear Large Format SD AND HIGH DEF**


Lucia SLWC Sexy Crutch Gimp in Public and Casted Toe Show
When we broached the idea of a term cast with our most recent sexy cast girl Lucia, we weren't sure she'd agree but she said "Sure!". She had been in a med cast before for weeks a few years back as the result of an accident so she figured a few days in a walking cast wouldn't be to tough. So, we gave her her new fashion statement which included a cut off pants leg and a plaster cast to show off her five pretty toes and told her to take a walk... She did, we filmed itm and while you may never forget how to get around in a cast, it still took some getting used to has she figured out how to position her exposed foot as she walked, she preferred an out-and-to-the-side gait. She needed to use a crutch for support and also needed to rest from gimping around the neighborhood as people checked her out from their cars. We took her rest stops a an opportunity to film her pretty casted foot up close from a variety of angles as she wiggled her exposed toes to avoid cramping in the cast.



- 5 New 1024X58HD/1920X1080HD Clips Per Month!
- Our crisp, clear clips are filmed and edited by professional videographers and equipment.
- Our casts are made by professional hospital technicians.
- We constantly script new cast and foot fetish stories for our clips
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** We think all CC listings should be a uniform size... We asked... many times... nobody seemed to be listening so we supersized too :-(
$ Casted Memories [Edit]
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(Eve Angel LLWC)
8 hours ago

The Cast Fetish Site for Cast & Foot Fetishists

Medically Applied Casts on Pretty Girls Expertly Photographed in Realistic Situations

70+ cast girls / 725+ Sets & 65000+ pix / Short & Full Length Clips & Audios



  • Expertly made plaster casts (by a cast technician)
  • Professional Photography (by a professional photographer)
  • Naturally Beautiful Women (by mother nature)
  • Realistic Settings & Attitudes (by mother nature & man made)

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    ** We think all CC listings should be a uniform size... We asked... many times... nobody seemed to be listening so we supersized too :-(

    $ Broken Angelz [Edit]
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    (Benetta Term LLWC)
    8 hours ago


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    One of the oldest cast sites from one of the earliest contributing members of the casting community (1997), updated 3 times a week with new material AND CLIPS!


  • Over 150,000 images of the finest, most beautiful casted ladies/models you'll ever see.

  • Castgirls from my 40 casting community friends from around the world including CM, SWE, CGJ, UFO and Swtts, Paul, TCast and _David, Castlovr, Casted Angel, Unc_fan, DA, SGDevil, Myk, CA Caster, CA Dollz, BKast, Golf_thug, Wingnut, and many many more...

  • And... 200+ short vid clips on the site including both model and candid med stuff... and MORE added WEEKLY!

  • ===========================================================

    You can Access the regular PIX site by clicking the $ BROKEN ANGELZ link at the top left and the CLIP SITE by clicking WHAT'S NEW link.

    ** We think all CC listings should be a uniform size... We asked... many times... nobody seemed to be listening so we supersized too :-(

    $ Swedishcrutch: Cast & Sprain Girls [Edit]
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    (Melinda SLC w/Sock)
    8 hours ago

    The Most Beautiful Casted and Sprained Women To Ever Crutch & Hop on the Net!

    Did we mention they are all SWEDISH???


    • Free Samples
    • 310+ Casted Girls
    • 55,000+ images
    • 100's of short video clips
    • Specializes in Crutching & Hopping Girls
    • Guest Contributors
    • Still one of the lowest cost membership sites

    IMPORTANT: Access OUR CLIP SITE by clicking WHAT'S NEW and the regular site by clicking SITE NAME LINK

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    ** We think all CC listings should be a uniform size... We asked... many times... nobody seemed to be listening so we supersized too :-(

    Cast_and_Amputee_Cutouts_and_ES_Mods_2 [Edit]
    (New Photos Added)
    9 hours ago
    This is the second group in a series of groups which are for those who enjoy simulated cast photos, as well as women who are amputees, who enjoy either the old-fashioned paper cut and paste or taping method or by Electronic Surgery which is photos altered by programs such as Photoshop (R) on a computer. Please feel free to contribute but please assign the photo,the credit according to the artist who did the adjusted image if possible. I do permit anyone who can to improve the quality of my images via Photoshop, I reserved a photo-album called "Plasterman's Photos New and Improved". Please do NOT post spam in the messages. Those who post spam or off topic items will be barred from the group! People who like to post regarding trading of images are welcome!
    $ Fantacast [Edit]
    (Tina's HBC Application, 27 Min)
    10 hours ago


    Tina's HBC Application, 27 Min

    Video Now 1080P at Fantacast!

    07/31/15 - I had my cameraman with me when I casted Tina so I was able to get lots of application footage. See how the cast is made and how Tina reacts to it.

    07/23/15 - The beautiful Taylor wakes up in a sitting position pantaloon cast and DLATS, examining them as if to confirm that it's not a dream. Then she gets up and makes the bed as well as she can before heading to the kitchen. First, she tries to open a bottle of soda with her arm casts and is unable to. Then she tries to make some coffee, but only makes a mess she has to clean up. She then makes a huge mess trying to make a bowl of cereal that she has to clean up. After giving up on food, she grabs some pillows and tries to make herself comfortable on the couch. There's even a mini interview while the camera gets some closeups of her casts and her feet. Don't miss this hot clip!

    07/17/15 - Jessica gracefully walks around in her LCWC (long cylinder walking cast) and high heel shoe as only she does in this lengthy clip. She walks all over the park, only stopping to pose her cast for the camera. She stumbles a few times, but quickly recovers. Log in now to check it out.

    07/10/15 - Now Taylor moves to the bed to do some poses. She has no problem looking sexy in her casts and many of these pics are downright gorgeous. She does sexy poses on her back, stomach and side and even poses her sexy feet at the end. Log in now to check out these hot pics.

    $ Gips-Alpin [Edit]
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    (FREEPIC+112 NEW Pix from Alexa -Castroom)
    12 hours ago

    Gips - Alpin.com

    10 Years Natural Girls in classical plaster casts !!!

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    $ CastedEurope.com [Edit]
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    (Helena LLWC Sample)
    13 hours ago

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    $ Discrete Orthopedic Cast Supplies [Edit]
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    (New Stockinette colors!)
    15 hours ago

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    $ UK, Canada, Australia & Worldwide Cast Supplies. [Edit]
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    (OrthoTape Casting tape)
    15 hours ago

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    $ cast4sale [Edit]
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    (NEW: Sale)
    16 hours ago

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    http://castequipment.de [Edit]
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    16 hours ago


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    $ NextGen Ortho [Edit]
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    (Dorothy LLC Crutching PART2)
    19 hours ago

    *WEBSITE UPDATE* Dorothy LLC crutching #2